Thursday, August 16, 2012

Animal Print Seat Pockets!

When doing an animal print classroom, or jungle, or safari, you may find that the blue seat pockets just don't match. We found these beautiful animal print handmade ones on Pinterest, followed the link and ordered them on Etsy.
They are beautiful. They were delivered more quickly than promised. The students love them and are being very careful with them. They are fabric and may not last as long as those blue plastic-y ones, but they are so gorgeous, I think it's a fair trade-off! If the students don't overload them, I think they will last a long time, anyway.  The lady who made them even accommodated the size of the chair a bit on the order.

Update: They only lasted two years. My daughter is ordering again from the same source and has texted with the lady that makes them to insure that the fabric choice is more sturdy this time: the animal print sections were fine but the green fabric was stretchy and didn't hold up.
We'll post a photo as soon as we get the new ones on the chairs!

We were playing around with  making them ourselves out of pillowcases and I've got on my list to still get this figured out and posted on this blog!

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