Monday, August 13, 2012

Animal Print Themed Classroom Reading Area

       So, this classroom made an animal print reading area that's cozy, kid-friendly, affordable, AND upcycles! The upcycling is from taking these 4 old Saxon Phonics tubs with lids and using them as seating in this area! ( I sat down on them so I knew the kids would be fine sitting on them...)We covered the Saxon sign on each of the four sides with different animal print and map print tagboard paper. This paper came in a booklet that was just the right size. We covered all four sides so the seating can be moved around and all sides will still look good. Two of the tubs have wheels.

       We measured the top of the tubs and cut memory foam to fit them. I had a memory foam twin mattress pad from my son's college days - that's what I cut up. The pillow cases for the memory foam were sewed up quick and easy. I used fabric from two polyester shower curtains from Walmart. They were inexpensive and vibrant - one leopard, one zebra. There was lots of fabric left, too, enough for tablecloths for the top of bookshelves, or curtains for cubbies. I'm sure we will use it somewhere. (They had animal print sheets sets, too, but I liked the print on the shower curtains much better.)

       I already had the black rug that fit into the corner.
       The green pads are made from heavy cardboard ovals, covered with quilt batting and then covered with green cotton twill fabric. That's all stuck down on the back side with duct tape. The kids move them out and lay on them when they have time to read. These green things used to be the front and back of a turtle costume. They have a turtle back and belly drawn on them in black Sharpie.

       The kids love the area and it cost very little indeed. I hope this inspires you and your classroom!


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