Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dog Themed Classroom Student Work Display

This is the display for student work in the hallway. I used the red border with the little white bones and put the words on top of it. I printed out "Dog Gone Good Work" on tagboard. I used two bright blue and white dog prints on the ends.

The dog silhouette is one I drew on black construction paper. I looked at a little picture of a Scottish Terrier and did the silhouette.  One of the students cut it out. I mounted it with heavy-duty double-stick tape.

You could draw your own. It's easy if you Google "dog silhouette" and pick one you like. An artistic student would love to do it for you, too. Some of ours are student-drawn.  You could do any kind of dog you like. This breed is very distinctive and the students like how it turned out. It's a big deal now to have your work in the hallway with the Learning Target. 

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