Monday, April 8, 2013

Abel's Island Map

Whenever I read Abel's Island with a group of students, I tell them beforehand that we are going to make a map of Abel's Island, to show our understanding of the setting and all the details we can remember. As we read through the chapters, the students will say, "Oh! We have to pause and put the hollow log on our maps!" or "The book and the pocket watch!"

After we get the maps moving along and are at least half-way through the book, I give them a small piece of card stock. They choose grey or beige. I have them draw Abel but I don't have them glue him down. They bend the bottom of the card stock so that their mouse will stick up from the map. They take their time through the days deciding where they will ultimately glue down Abel.

Something about this project brings out such creativity and artistry! It also helps to build a love for this book, and great AR scores!

You can adjust this idea to many different books.