Thursday, October 18, 2012

Animal Print Classroom Headphones

          How cute is this for an animal print themed classroom?  Look through your school catalogs and websites when you need headphones for your computers. They had these in 3 different animals but I wanted them to match.

         The kids love them! They noticed as they came into the room on the first morning. The orange really caught their attention.  The students say they are comfortable and are working well. (They are advertised as headphones for very young children but I used them with some 5th graders, just to give you an idea of how that would work and everything worked out fine.)

         It's all in the details. This classroom continues to grow and change and just GET BETTER, just like the students in this animal print classroom.

         How's your classroom? Is it  space that makes you happy? Is it functional? Does it keep your attention? Do you want to be there? Do your students want to be there?  If not, change something; make a plan; get in there on a week-end - it will be worth it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching - Rules Minutes Board

This is what I came up with to help me remember which students owe me a minute or two for Whole Brain Teaching Rule Practice.

It is a picture frame so I can use a whiteboard marker each day. The numbers represent the class student numbers. This way it can be used each year, since it doesn't have names on it, AND it promotes confidentiality in case of walk-throughs or guests. I have it in the corner of my whiteboard, attached with magnets.

Inside is 2 sheets of computer paper, (you could use tagboard, etc.) zebra-striped ribbon, marker, magnets, and puffy letters, all bought at Hobby Lobby. You could probably make this completely with things you already have, but I wanted to match my animal print themed classroom.

This is working very well with our procedures. Our state does not allow students to miss recess, so they have to practice their rules for me while we are outside. They can walk back and forth near me while practicing. This work better than the little slips of paper as reminders to practice a rule for a minute.

I just look at it before we go out for recess and the kids cooperate!
Could this work for you?