Thursday, August 23, 2012

Animal Print Classroom Rules (whole brain teaching)

Bamboo paper for the background and zebra border make a nice bulletin board for Whole Brain Teaching's Classroom rules. All the bulletin boards in the room have this background. Some have the zebra border and some have a tiger border. It looks good with the green on the seat pockets, too!

Here's a pic showing the tiger border. I have an entire wall above the built-in cubbies covered with the bamboo paper and tiger-bordered! This wall was a bit of an eye-sore from hot-glue and various tape and adhesives. We decided to just cover it all up. It's beautiful and soothing now. The cheetah print is from home and looks nice in the corner of the shelf on an easel. Students love all the details of their classroom.

Don't be afraid to make your own calendar if you can't find one that matches your classroom theme! We could not find an animal print calendar that we liked, so we made this one and it wasn't much trouble at all.  We used different animal print paper from Hobby Lobby and glued on the months and numbers. On the poster machine we made the background. We attached velcro dots and that's it! Nice, huh? 

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