Monday, March 18, 2013

Dr Seuss Door Decoration

I love this photo. It's Accelerated Reader Day. It was the first time our school had taken part in this event and it was a success! Students competed to see who could get in the most AR tests on this day. There were prizes for the classroom, the grade level, and the individual students. Our PTO helped with it and our lab support person headed it up and made it wonderful! The students loved it. It also fell on Dr Seuss' birthday, so the younger students that come to visit my class made sure they had read as many Dr Seuss books as possible, and taken the ARs.

A while back, we'd had a door decoration contest for Dr Seuss on his birthday, sponsored by our library.  My students and I had chosen which book cover we wanted to draw and Marvin K Mooney, Will You Please Go Now? won. We took bulletin board paper and laid it out on a table with paper under it so the Sharpie wouldn't bleed through onto the table.

We drew with posterboard-sized Sharpies so that we would be able to use watercolor "Biggie Cakes" without the black lines smearing. I'm glad I hadn't thrown it away because it was the perfect time to put it back up on the door again.

When we'd had the door contest, I'd had students design their own "Dr Suess-like character and illustrate him or her, and write about it. These had been displayed all around the doorway. They were so creative!

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