Monday, June 15, 2015

Dog Theme Classroom Cozy Floor Area

If you have room n your classroom for a comfortable and cozy floor area, you can continue the dog theme there.  You won't have to spend a lot, either. My students love this area of "The Doghouse."

I bought the black and zebra print dog bed at TJ Max for $22. It's a large dog bed and the kids love it. Two students can comfortable read on it and they love that it's got an embroidered bone on it. (Retail $75 - how could I not buy that?)  

The red and bright blue floor pillows are floor pillow inserts from Walmart. I was going to sew pillowcases for them that would be long-wearing and easy to bring home and throw into the washer and dryer and it just CAME TO ME - this idea - in the bathroom towel section. I pulled a large towel off the shelf and folded it over the floor pillow - TA DA!  I came home and folded the towel in half and sewed down the sides, inserted the floor pillow insert, and shut the opening with double-sided toupee tape ( from Sally Beauty - that stuff has a thousand uses)  Now, they are big, they match the room, they are sturdy, and economical. They're very easy to pull off and run through the laundry cycle.

I bought the light brown dog at Walmart for $10.  (I've since received another as a Christmas present form a student.)  The dark brown dog is on loan from a student - she wanted to add to the collection.

I found this beagle second-hand. They have all different breeds on Amazon. He's sturdy and the kids love him. I have a teacher-friend who has a German Shepard stuffed dog in her room she found for $4 at a church rummage sale and it's German Shepard-Sized!

I also have two ultra-fleece throws with a dog print on them that are well-loved.

When the students go to this area they know they can have one pillow, rug, fleece throw, or dog. They go by the rules. They name the dogs, too.

We also have a dachshund that plays a song when you push a button and the tail wags and the ears go up and down. They work hard to earn a "song break" from that little dog.

So, keep and eye out and add to your collection. Kids love to have a place that they love to get on the floor and read or research or do math games.

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