Monday, June 15, 2015

Dog Theme Classroom Photos

Another great way to make your Dog Theme Classroom warm and inviting  is by having dog photos around the room. You can get photos in a good size for a small investment. ( has a 16 x 20 for $5) You can put them in poster frames and really make your classroom one that the students will never forget, especially if the photos are of dogs that we know, like these.

The top photo is of Rupp. He comes to Crossfit Countdown with his owners sometimes and we've watched him grow up. Isn't he adorable?

This photo is of Daisy. She's my 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier.  The photo below is of Mikko, my "grand-dog." He belongs to my son, Ger Sasser and my daughter-in-law, Cassie. He's always at the box, too, and the students sometimes hear a story about him or see him on Instagram.

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