Wednesday, September 19, 2012

War Timeline of Soldiers

                                                      REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER

        My PLC team had been talking about how the students sometimes get the wars mixed up and there's a lot of Social Studies to learn!  So, that got me to thinking about HOW we could impact their retention on what war happened when and how it relates to other wars.
                                                             CIVIL WAR SOLDIER

        I talked to the students about this and they wanted to do research AND art. That sounded perfect to me. We started researching wars covered in Social Studies. We had a couple of students interview the teachers who are known as the "Social Studies King or Queen." We decided there were too many wars and we needed to choose the most important. We voted.  We then had students doing Google Image searches and choosing their favorites.
                                                          WORLD WAR ONE SOLDIER

                                                     WORLD WAR TWO SOLDIER

        Then the students had concerns about "drawing so large!" I asked them what was the worst that could happen and they said, " We mess up.....and we start over?"  Exactly!  I drew the first one and they painted it with "Biggie" watercolors.  They loved it and after that they had no more fear!
                                                      VIETNAM WAR SOLDIER

        This became the project the students were most proud of, especially when our teacher who had served in Iraq for a year complimented them, along with several other parents and grandparents.
        I don't know if it helped them keep the wars straight, but they all thought it would. 

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