Monday, September 24, 2012

Dog Theme Student Work Display


          This display shows student book reviews for My Brother Sam is Dead or The Keeping Room, with a Student Rubric at the top. Students wrote and typed their book reviews, choosing their own fonts, and striving for a Distinguished score. They were to tell about the story and hook the reader in the first part of their book review. The second part consisted of their opinion of the book. All 20 students scored their own work, and the top 6 papers went on this board. We love the bones and paws on the border, too.

          The black paws are from the Ellison machine and compliment the Dog Theme classroom environment. Students wanted a dalmation on this board - I found one in a magazine!

          I planned to put the title, "PAWS-itively Perfect Papers" on the board, too, but there just wasn't room. I realize now that I could put it above this small bulletin board, so when I do this I will replace the photo.

          Displaying student is very important. It should be celebrated, and changed often. Students should sometimes have a say in what gets displayed. I always have many things in the hallway display but this area is right beside my desk and the students know that I look at it often! 

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