Animal Print Classroom Decorations

Once upon a time I had a gifted group of students that were highly artistic. I took in a book and we all drew up these fabulous animals and through a few weeks, we would work on them when we had a spare minute here or there. (I tried to find the book. No luck. Tried to find it on Amazon. No luck. If you recognize it, please leave a message so I can give credit where credit is due)

Anyway, the process is that you tear tissue paper in different colors. We kept piles of different colors on paper plates in our work area. We would lay a piece of torn tissue paper on the drawing and then go over it with a paint brush dipped in watered down glue. The overlaps give a nice texture when they are dry.
 I've had these decorations in two different classroom situations and this summer when I took them down I realized they would be perfect in my daughter's Animal Print classroom.  At first we thought we would have them all together in the reading area, but then Jess wanted to spread them out around the room.

The photo above shows the toucan on a branch above the AR Points Chart. Students move their name up as they reach the percentage of their AR goal for the quarter. 

Here's the big tree and reptile. The top of the tree is bulletin board paper that is jungle frond-ish. The trunk is painted and has leaves at the bottom and vine around it.  
The reptile wasn't originally ON the tree but we couldn't get him off so we left him He and his branch are the tissue paper/glue process. The students are going to love it!

This macaw is three feet of glorious color. He is watching over the behavior chart where students clip their names. They are going to be flying high up that chart near this bird.

The big tree frog sits above the teacher's bulletin board behind her desk on the fourth wall going around the room. I was afraid he was too far off the color scheme on the classroom but we think he looks great now that we have him up there. 

I also had some printed paper with different bugs on them. We'd cut some of them out and glued here and there. If you see a bug, that's what you could do. Also, you could totally change the color of lots of them or do this process for any classroom theme you might have. The students loved it. It's quick and very forgiving. 

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